Our Favorite After Sun Care Products

Our Favorite After Sun Care Products

As summer is coming closer and the weather is beginning to warm up, the more time you may spend outside. At Em.Swimwear we are all about protecting your skin and making sure it stays healthy. In our previous blog post, we had discussed ways to protect your skin. But just in case you still got sunburnt, we’ve got some product suggestions for you:

Herbivore After Sun:

When it comes to all natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products for an after sun care, Herbivore is the go to company. Their After Sun mist is what we really love. This product is filled with mint, witch hazel, aloe, and lavender. All of these ingredients really help with cooling your face down after a long day in the sun. The fact that it is a mist makes it even better because it makes your face feel very refreshed.

Thayers Witch Hazel


Thayers Witch Hazel is something that has been raved about throughout the beauty community.

This is just all around an amazing product. It can be used at anytime of the day to refresh your face, but it feels so nice after a long day out in the sun or even the next morning. This product has aloe and witch hazel in it. It helps with skin irritation due to sun exposure or hair removal. When you apply it topically, use a soft cotton round or cotton ball. Let the skin soak in the product and then apply some moisturizer after. Keeping your skin moisturized after being in the sun is super important. Your skin loses moisture when it becomes burnt. Make sure to keep applying moisturizer to keep sunburns from peeling.

Sunbum After Sun Cooling Lotion:

We have discussed Sunbum in the previous blog post. We just really love all of their products. The After Sun Cooling Lotion is the original product that we fell in love with of Sunbum’s. This is the holy grail of after sun care. Having been sunburnt or have had too much sun exposure, this has helped greatly. This product cools down the skin and keeps it moisturizes it. You really get a two for one deal with this one.

The Trusty Aloe Vera Plant:


So this isn’t really a product that is manufactured. You can find an aloe vera plant at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Having an aloe plant can spruce up your kitchen or bedroom by adding a little greenery to it. They are also very easy to take care of!  

Aloe vera is known for cooling down burns. The plant is able to help with burns from cooking as well as sun burns. A lot of products have aloe vera in it when it comes to burn treatments. We do have to warn you though, the plant aloe vera won’t really have enough of its juices for you to bathe in it. The plant is perfect for when you get your cheeks a little burnt or have another small burn. The plant is nice to have for when you need something  quick without having to go to the store.

Make sure to put on enough sunscreen so that you won’t have to use these products. Protecting your skin is super important all year!

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