About Us

Em.Swimwear is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that is focused on creating comfortable suits with classic silhouettes. 


Our owner, Emma, has spent most of her life around the water. As a former competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and swim instructor, she spent many days in swimsuits. Although she was comfortable in the typical one piece that swimmers wear, she began realizing how much she disliked wearing fashionable swimwear. From the fabric to advertisements, she really struggled to find the perfect bikini -- you could say she was searching for “the one.” This is where Em.Swimwear was born.

All of our suits are made from regenerated nylon, which is created from recycled fishing nets and industrial plastics. The fabric is soft to the touch, but still provides some compression to give you the support you need in all the right areas. In addition to our soft fabric, we made our suits to be able to mix and match with each other, so you can create the style that suits you. 

Our tagline, “Made For Mermaids”, comes from our belief that every woman should feel as though they’re a mermaid. Typically, in pop culture, we see mermaids as sassy, confident, and beautiful. Which is exactly how we want you to feel whether you’re lounging by the pool or leading a meeting.