Women Who Inspire

Women Who Inspire

Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019 was released on April 17th. Looking at the list we were so excited to see some badass women!

The list organizes people in different sections. These sections are pioneers, artists, icons, leaders, and titans. Each person has a little blurb on them, typically interviewed by someone famous. This year is particularly important, because Time had a record number of women on the list. This year, there were 48 women listed.

To celebrate the women on the list, we wanted to highlight some women that we are amazed by:

  • Arundhati Katju and Menaka Guruswamy. These two women are public litigators in India. They single handedly overturned a 157 year old law in India, regarding the legality of LGBTQ+ relationships. Read more on their story.

  • Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall’s work has forever changed behavioral science with her study on chimpanzees in Gombe. For decades, she has been a leader in environmental protection and awareness. Jane Goodall has represented and inspired women in the science field for years. Read more of her story.

  • Jennifer Hyman. Jennifer Hyman is co-founder to the empire that is known as Rent the Runway. She is one of the first women to have found a $1 billion company. Read more of her story.

  • Christine Blasey Ford. Telling your story of sexual assault is hard, let alone telling the entire world about it. Her bravery made us more aware of how we treat sexual assault victims and shone a light on a topic no one wants to address. Read more of her story.

Every day, we are amazed what women can and have accomplished. Thank you to all the women who are changing the world in small and big ways. You have inspired us at Em.Swimwear and women around the world.

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